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Kitesurfing LessonsKitesurfing Lessons

For all courses booked you have a 12 month period from the start of the course to complete.

3 Hour power kite land based course

Whet your appetite with a three hour introduction to this explosive sport.

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1 Day Course

This is your introduction to the fastest growing sport of the 21st century! Kitesurfing is an awesome sport both to practice and to learn. Your one day course provides all the fundamentals of kite flying.

  • Launching and landing
  • Pre flight checks and set up
  • Site assessment and underpinning knowledge
  • Water safety and work
  • Bodydragging
  • Relaunch and go
  • Deep water self rescues and pack down

At the end of a one day course you will have gained sufficient experience to take you to the next stage which will be board starts at level 2.

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2 Day Course

The BKSA two day course builds on the knowledge learnt on day one. Its all about getting on the board and moving. This is where it gets entertaining! By the end of day two you will know all about:

  • Waterstart theory
  • Load and launch
  • Coming up and riding
  • Rules of the road
  • Edging and riding upwind

From here you will be at a stage where you will have learnt all the nuts and bolts of kitesurfing, it's just a case of getting out there and practicing more, either with more lessons, hiring kit or getting set up with your own.

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3 Day Course

This three day course really turns you into a kitesurfer! It fills in all the gaps and builds on your knowledge to get you out there kitesurfing independently anywhere in the world. By the end of day three you will have a good solid knowledge of:

  • Kitesurfing and how to get into it further
  • How to launch, land, relaunch and control the board independently
  • Advanced site and risk assessment
  • Tidal and weather theory and dangers

By the end of day three you will have a comfortable knowledge of how to get out there yourself and practice safely on your own. We're still here to guide you but its all about time on the water from here!

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Personal Coaching

If you've learnt the basics, or even if you are ripping around and need some extra guidance, our personal coaching is the perfect way to hone your skills at what ever your level. From going upwind to your first backloop and beyond.

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Supervised Hire

On the beach, perfect conditions – wrong size kite? Don’t worry, you can hire any state of the art Nobile N62 2011 kite from us.

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We also offer advanced coaching and downwinders. We have the most epic coastline and superb wave action. We regularly kite from just south of Berwick back to Beadnell.


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