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Robson Green comes to KA Kitesurfing

IMG_1674 (1)The new season of Further tales of Northumberland with Robson Green is about to start. KA were involved in the filming of one of the episodes where we had Robson learning to fly land based kites and then progressing into a kite buggy.

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Robson came to KA for two afternoons and the footage that was taken should be superb!! We had him riding a kite buggy at some speed down the beach at Beadnell for about half a mile. Robson was going for it so much he even flipped the buggy twice but he picked up the power kite control really quickly and then managed to combine kite and buggy in good control and get some decent prolonged rides down the beach. It was an exhausting session for Kev as he was running up and down the beach trying to keep Robson safe. In the end we got some brilliant shots so lets hope it comes out well.

The series starts on Monday 29th February and runs for 8 episodes. The episode involving team KA is the last in the series and is shown on April 18th at 8.00pm.

DSCF4184The last series was shown all around the world and was watched by over 100 million people!

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