Robson Green at KA Kitesurfing

If you saw episode 8 of season 3 of Tales from Northumberland with Robson Green on ITV on Monday the 18th of April, you will have seen our very own Kev Anderson showing Robson the ropes (or lines!) of kite buggying in Beadnell Bay!

Kev got to show Robson the basics of flying and controlling the kite, then let him have a go in a KA Kitesurfing buggy. There may have been a bit of a spill at one point, but other than that Robson took the kite buggying very well – and he had a great time!

Check out the clip from the show in the Videos section of this page!

Robson Green at KA Kitesurfing Videos

KA Kitesurfing with Robson Green

  • A very satisfying, fun and active family day out! Using the extra big paddle board and some of the smaller ones we paddled round the bay at Beadnell, with lots of young children safely on the large board and adults with children on the smaller boards. We all had a fantastic time. Playing fun games...


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